About Wee Woofters

Welcome to WeeWoofters.com a site dedicated to Dog lovers (particularly Little Dogs).

Where does our name come from? Well it’s just slang we use all the time and just means “little dogs” – our dogs Lucy and Molly (mother and daughter – terrier mix) are always lovingly referred to as the “wee woofters”.

Lucy was rescued from the pound about seven years ago.  She arrived smelly, skinny and desperate for affection – we fell in love right away.  Over the next several weeks she fattened up a bit and had several visits to the Vet to get checked out and get her shots – she seemed in perfect health.  One day though she seemed a bit distressed  – yelping occasionally and going from room to room but otherwise wagging her tail and looking for affection.  We didn’t know what the trouble might be but decided to take her to the vet the next morning if she kept up the strange behavior.

Well about midnight that night we heard some high pitched squeaks and there on the sofa next to us was Lucy licking  a tiny little pup…what a wonderful surprise!  We hadn’t the slightest suspicion she was pregnant and the Vet hadn’t noticed either (apparently it was quite unusual for her to have just one pup).  So we ended up with two dogs instead of one – but there are no regrets as they’re both adorable.