Top Ten Most Popular Small Dogs

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I have made some videos for you…here is the first one I have made!   Introducing you to the Ten Most Popular Small Dogs… in their dreams…I am the most popular dog of all times (my mommy says so!)…but anyway…I did not want to hog the limelight… I have worked my little paws to the bone to bring you some enjoyment..let me know you like it!


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To earn the title of “small dog,” all a pooch has to do is weigh in under 22 pounds. Sure, small dogs are cute, and some of them look cuddly, but not all small dog breeds are as meek as they look. Some can be very feisty. Here are the Top 10 most popular “small breed” dogs.

#10 West Highland White Terrier

Not a dog to get if you own cats, as it dislikes those of the feline persuasion. Otherwise, the West Highland White Terrier is extremely dependable, gets along fine with people, and is a great family pet. It also loves long walks outdoors.

#9 Pekingese

This small but ferocious dog is a faithful companion. The Pekingese’s aggressive nature, however, does make it unsuitable for a family with other pets and kids. Its thick undercoat and coarse overcoat also requires a lot of grooming.

#8 Miniature Dachshund

Believe it or not, the Miniature Dachshund makes an excellent watchdog! It is very attached to owner and family, but can be aggressive around unfamiliar children. The adventurous and curious Dachshund is also fond of digging, hunting, chasing game, and tracking by scent.

#7 Bichon Frisé

The small-framed Bichon Frisé gets along well with children and other animals. Known for its white puffy coat and curious name, the Bichon Frisé is considered an active, easily trained dog. Overall, a wonderful breed for families and individuals alike.

#6 Shih Tzu

While it does not shed, it does require daily grooming. The Shih Tzu, also known as the “mini lion,” makes for a good family dog — it is very friendly and gets along with all creatures (even children).

#5 Maltese

A good dog for those with allergies (it’s not a big shedder), the Maltese is friendly and often gets along well with other dogs and even cats. The Maltese doesn’t like to be left alone too much though, as it was bred as a companion dog.

#4 Jack Russell Terrier

Do not choose this breed if you’re looking for a quiet dog that likes to lounge around all day. The Jack Russell is an active breed that loves to jump up on furniture, run around and lead a generally boisterous existence. However, proper training can help make the dog calmer.

#3 Boston Terrier

A great family dog, the Boston Terrier is friendly and bonds well with kids. Another plus is it doesn’t require a ton of grooming. But be warned, it loves to munch on household items, so lots of chew toys are a must. Keep anything you don’t want destroyed out of his way!

#2 Chihuahua

The small Chihuahua can be a real character. It is known for nipping at children (not the best choice for kids) and can bark incessantly. But the Chihuahua is also loyal and affectionate, and it’s even been known to get along with cats (after an adjustment period, of course).

#1 Pomeranian

The Pomeranian is an adorable, mellow and gentle dog, but it can sometimes get noisy (just like children). As a matter of fact, it can be great with (older) kids just as long as it’s introduced as a puppy. They can shed profusely though!

What to you think – Did your favorite make this list?


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