Yorkshire Terrier – The Cutest One!

Yorkshire Terrier
Yorkshire Terrier

A Brief History

One of the cutest members of the toy dog group, the Yorkshire Terrier  (Yorkie) is a mixture of England’s finest terriers, made up of the Clydesdale terrier, the waterside terrier, English black and tan terrier and the Paisley terrier. Yorkies had made their way to America by the late 1800s, but because there was such variety in the sizes, it wasn’t until the early 1900s that it got the official name of Yorkshire Terrier. It was at also at this point that most dog enthusiasts decided that the smaller sized Yorkie was most preferable.

Yorkshire Terrier Personality

The temperament of this terrier is that of a bold, confident, and courageous animal. He truly thinks he is a big dog and so can be a bit aggressive towards other small animals and strange dogs – no matter the size.  He’s got the true terrier spirit, fun loving, playful and eager to explore.

Yorkshire Terrier Care

Just like other toy dog breeds, the Yorkshire Terrier needs plenty of exercise but because of his small size can usually get all the exercise he needs just by running about the house but he loves to be outside exploring the world at every opportunity. Best to keep him on leash though to avoid any incidents with other small animals.

As far as living arrangements are concerned, the Yorkshire Terrier really is a house dog, he loves the company of his family and human contact. If you must leave your Yorkie outside for any (short) period of time, make sure to leave his bedding and adequate shelter.

Yorkshire Terriers’ hair is inclined to grow very long and if you want to go with this style it will require regular grooming to avoid tangles. The majority of Yorkie owners choose instead to keep their pets trimmed so that it only needs brushing a few times per week.

Health Information

The Yorkie can live up to around 16 years when raised in a healthy happy household. Luckily they have no known major health concerns and the only minor health problem to watch for is patellar luxation. Other problems that may arise and may need to be tested for are: knee dysplasia, eye problems, and Vets may recommend that the yorkshire terrier get a liver ultrasound.

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